Vector Graphics

There are two types of graphics, bit-mapped and vector. Vector graphics are made through a series of shapes which allow the maker to re-size the image(which you cannot do with bit-mapped) without any loss in quality making them resolution independent  To store the image only the attributes of the image are stored not the colour of the pixels(like in bit-mapped)  e.g. the coordinates of the shapes, line width, shape colour, radius etc. Due to these only being stored the file size tends to be lower than bit-mapped .If the image is stored as a vector the appearance of the image will be better if the monitor display has a higher resolution, with bit-mapped the resolution is fixed and doesn’t change if the monitor has a better resolution. Vector graphics are commonly found in images like logos and billboards as they will be scaled to fit various items and therefore they wont have any loss in quality when the image size is changed. Some types of formats used to store vectors are SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)  and VRML ( Virtual Reality MarkUp Language).


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