Theres are 7 characteristics that are need to make a successful program: correct, maintainable, reliable, readable, portable, efficient and robust. Correct- the program meets the software specification. Maintainable- you can make changes and fix the program easily. Reliable- workscorrectly everytime it is run.Readable- has design and code that can be easily understood by other programmers, using things like internal commentary. Portable- the program can run on other computers other than the one it was designed on. Efficient- shouldn’t require processor time or storage resources. Robust- shouldn’t fail no matter what the input is. There are 3 features that programs use: sequence,selection and iteration. Sequence- each and every line of code is executed from top to bottom. Selection- only certain lines of code are executeddepending on the decision by the user. Iteration- lines of code are executed repeatedly as in a loop. There are also 3 types of programming language which are procedural, declarative and event-driven. Procedural- the programmer specifies the sequence of operations. Has start and end point. Declarative- the programmer declares all facts, queries are used to solve problems. Event- driven is blocks of code triggered by events like a button press. A high level language includes English in the code and is easily understood by humans. Low level languages are for computers to understand like binary


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